Art is an omnipresent element in human life

Art is a set of procedures, knowledge and rules concerning the exercise of any activity or action. Any activity, any conduct considered as a set of rules, methods to be observed: to live well, to love, to think is an art. art in general is multidimensional. there are: culinary art, dental art, dramatic art, oratory art, urban art.

Culinary art

Culinary art is the way in which a person composes a meal that is appreciated by all with love and ease. Indeed, to have the culinary art is to know how to satisfy, convince and make people travel with the flavours of the dishes that one proposes.

The way in which a meal is presented inevitably has an impact on the success or name of the dish. Thus, cuisine from all over the world has its artistic particularities. From the shape of the cut to the colour composition, each ethnic group or region has its own particularities. The presentation of a dish or a meal can say a lot about the origins of the meal and the person who prepared it.

It should be noted that the experts in the culinary arts are above all the starred chefs of restaurants and large hotel complexes.

Public Speaking

This is the art of convincing through speech. From its Greek origin, it considered only political speech. It then spread to other disciplines such as literature, drama

The first theory on public speaking was proposed by Cicero in his philosophical essay "De Oratore". Public speaking is classified as an art because of the aesthetic aspect that speech has. Moreover, public speaking requires a strict and rigorous learning process, a method and therefore a technique.

We start talking about public speaking as soon as we are dealing with an audience, regardless of the specific setting in which the communicator finds himself. The styles of expression change infinitely, depending on the speaker and the situation. Technique is invariant and allows the relevant adaptation of styles.

Speaking of public speaking, Cicero said: "One is born a poet, one becomes a public speaker". By this he means that being a poet is an innate process, whereas public speaking is a set of techniques that can be acquired.

Nudes: the new kind of natural art.

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Raven Leilani, African-American writer

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