Nudes: the new kind of natural art.

Art is born from everything  natural or not in our life. By seeing an insignificant thing, an artist could modify it into an attractive art object. As the best artist is God, the human body he created is also used as an art object by photography, drawing, painting, and so many other ways. Let's discover the current kind of art based on the human body.

Origin of sending nude.

A nude is a human body's picture  taken without wearing any clothes or any  tissues that will cover the intimate part of the body. Sending nude is the fact of taking pictures of the penis or vagina and sending to any person for a personal use.

It's an expression used by an internet user to ask someone pictures revealing the intimate part of the body. It has been created by Brazilians  with << Manga nude >>, but it is now mostly used in English. The use of the expression started in 2008 when an internet user were asking nude, or he will kill a cat. Find out more…

Nudes as art.

Nude is a kind of art, it shows an attractive object that  develop human body.  There are some art exhibition who show how acceptable it becomes to see some people make. Well-know people nudes stand as an art object. There are also some challenges organized to determine the most beautiful sex, may be vagina or penis. All those events show how taking nudes become art. The use of naked pictures as an art object, exist since antiquity.

Since antiquity, artists have made the nude “respectable” in various ways: they have painted goddesses or biblical figures as anonymous and generalized images of “beauty”, rather than portraits of specific or identifiable women.  Painted in supposedly modest poses, hands delicately placed to theoretically conceal their genitals, they also displayed idealism and not reality: no pubic hair here. But as rare and legitimate as they are, these nudes also  inevitably have an erotic charge.  These naked and reclining women invite the eyes of the spectator supposedly masculine to browse their curves.  Many entrenched ideas about what female sexuality looks like  a certain languid passivity, both shy and comely  are codified here.